title. project 09

date. 2023

city. Amsterdam

size. mural painting 700m x 500m

logo project 

An artistic competition organized in partner schools. The best one will be chosen as project's logo

mathenatics and art   

Teachers and students would explore the many interconnections between mathematics and art. Works of famous painters such as Kandinsky, Mondrian and Escher would also be studied!

archaic mathematics in mesopotamia and egypt

Study/project of mathematics used in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

eratosthenes: calculating the circumference of the earth

Teachers and students will study the remarkable story of Eratosthenes and his experiment
with which he calculated the circumference
of the Earth.

pythagoras theorem

Study/project of Pythagoras life and his school in Croton! Students will learn the historyof the famous theorem and ways of proofing it.

three classical problems

Analyzing old ways of solving problems.
Study of the three unsolved problems of antiquity: Squaring the Circle, Trisecting an Angle, and Doubling a Cube

circle and diameter:
history of π

Study of complete history of π and its applications.

symmetry in nature

Students will study elements of nature that show significant parts of symmetry.

women and mathematics

The history of mathematics can provide a platform to examine factors that have contributed to the under-representation of women and explore ways to inspire participation in the field.

dramatization and cinema

An excellent form of integrating history of mathematics into classroom teaching.
Plays can be designed to re – experience the
life of mathematicians in the past.

additional activities

Dies ist der ideale Ort, um mehr über Ihr Geschäft 

mathematical fiction  

Teachers and students will read mathematical books and come up with ideas of exploiting their content and story.

number representation:
from primitive counting
to numeral systems

Study/project of number representations from its beginning to today's numeral systems.

thales: measuring
the great pyramid

Students will study Thales' Intercept theorem and find ways of applying it in measuring as Thales did with the Great Pyramid.

sieve of eratosthenes:
finding the prime numbers

Study of the simple algorithm used to identify prime numbers up to any value and construction
of the sieve of Eratosthenes.

euclid’s geometry

Study/project of the geometry of ancient
Greece, as characterized by Euclid's famous

book, the Elements.

archimedes discoveries: applying mathematics to physical phenomena

Study/project of Archimedes discoveries involving other ancient discoveries, such as navigation instruments, the use of the astrolabe or the quadrant.

golden ratio and
fibonacci sequence

Workshop about the golden ratio and arithmetic sequences.

socrates-plato-aristotle: philosophy and mathematics

Seeing Mathematics as a way of understanding more about reality.

biographies of famous mathematicians

Study biographies of ancient mathematicians.

mathematics anecdotes 
and games

Teaching mathematical concepts through historical anecdotes and games.

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