Meeting Austria PTS GMUNDEN
“Mathematics Revisited” on Erasmus+ program
28th June to 2nd July 2021

During the meeting the participants were acquainted with the specificity of the school, the town of Gmunden and got to know the landscape of the "Salzkammergut".

They exchanged experiences they had with the activites P18 Woman and mathematics,

P19 Mathematics, anecdotes and games to P20 Dramatization and chinema by presenting them.

The results achieved were discussed, as well as innovative methods of teaching mathematcs.

Teachers summarized the project and each school made a poster. Ways of showing and disseminating project results were debated.

Teachers worked on the final report and evaluation to sum up the project. Prepared materials for educational portals.

In addition to it, the current project tasks realization, the project budget, its comtrol ant ime management, were also discussed and a project schedule after this last meeting was established.

Cultural and social visits were held as well as a visit to the regional townhall and educational

authorities were met.

Visits to Salzburg (Schloss Mirabell, the Birth House of Mozart and the museum of modern art), to Linz (Ars Electronica Center and the hiking trail over Linz), Bad ischl (Summer residence of Emperior Josef II) and the world heritage site Hallstatt were done.

Schloss ort.tiff