Virtual Meeting Malta ST. AUGUSTINE COLLEGE
“Mathematics Revisited” on Erasmus+ program
22nd March to 26th March 2021

During the meeting participants enjoyed a virtual sightseeing of Malta and sharing of links to virtual tours on locations originally planned to visit. Pupils shared photos/videos of activities done by each school during the last year.
Maltese students presented their work on „Plotting co-ordinates activities“ and set tasks to the rest of the students.
A virtual round table “Famous mathematicians” was established. Students discussed about famous mathematicians in different times. Finally they have chosen one or two famous mathematicians from their country and worked in groups to create a padlet.
The participants took part in an online workshop exploring stereotypes in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics): organised by Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Malta. Together we watched the Movie: “The Man who Knew Infinity”. After watching the movie students discussed about how mathematical skills can be used
in a future career.
A workshop „Symmetry in Nature“ was held and a „Public Speaking competition - Do we
really need Mathematics in our life?“ was done. Mathematical games – using different platforms like wordwall, kahoot, learningapps, quiz, sudoku, puzzles, crosswords - were played.

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