The school CIFP DE INNOVACION SOCIAL - GIZARTE BERRIKUNTZAKO LHII was visited during the project “Mathematics Revisited” on Erasmus+ program

on October 14 -18, 2019


During the meeting, the participants were acquainted with the specificity of the school and town of Hernani. The activities that already were carried out prior to the meeting were presented and assessed both by teachers and students. P10 Euclid’s Geometry, P11 Archimedes Discoveries: Applying mathematics to physical phenomena, P12 The three classical problems. Different methodologies used and results achieved were discussed. Teachers and students attended workshops „Mathematics and Guggenheim Museum“, „Sports and Mathematics“ and „Hernani Treasure Hunt“. Cultural and social visits for students and teachers were held as well as visits to the regional town hall and educational authorities. The now online webpage was presented.

Current problems and the progress of the project realization and it´s evaluation were debated. In addition the teachers talked about the project budget, its control and time management. The next meetings in Malta and Austria were planned and finalized.