Playing games is important for everyone!

What just looks like a game actually makes a lot of sense.

It not only promotes mental abilities, but also broadens one's horizons and strengthens one's own creativity. 

You learn important social skills that are later important for a functioning coexistence: 


• to follow the rules

• to organize yourself and pursue your own goals

• stick to agreements

• not to cheat

• to quarrel, but also reconciliation 


Also very important is the emotional area in which feelings such as joy, anger, tension, fear, relaxation, anger, pride or sadness are experienced.


That's why our school has bought some board games like chess and backgammon. But also puzzle games like Rombol, Tower of Hanoi and Tangram, as well as some card games like Uno and

Finally some social games like twister and escape room.

After the end of our Covit-19 lock-down, all classes were allowed to play games for at least one hour per week.

Much to the delight of our students!